Two years ago I produced a pack of Smart Notebook files for Steljes, the distributors of Smartboards over here in the UK. They formed part of a teachers pack that was distributed to schools around the UK.

The files were also available via the Steljes Software site. For now, that site is no longer up, and the files are no longer available online.


I have copied the files onto my Think Bank website so that Smartboard users can still access them. Each file has a corresponding teachers’ guide in pdf format.

The six lesson packs cover the following topics:

  • The Blast Furnace (KS4)
  • Cells (KS3)
  • Forces (KS3)
  • Metals (Ks3)
  • Muscles and Joints (KS4)
  • Reflection and Refraction (KS4)

To download the files, and the corresponding teachers guide, click here.