Becta have just released the latest edition of their report into Emerging technologies for learning.

‘Emerging technologies for learning’ aims to help readers consider how emerging technologies may impact on education in the medium term. The publications are not intended to be a comprehensive review of educational technologies, but offer some highlights across the broad spectrum of developments and trends.

It should open readers up to some of the possibilities that are developing and the potential for technology to transform our ways of working, learning and interacting over the next three to five years.

You can access all the articles here, plus the previous editions.

One article of particular interest to this blog is the chapter entitled: Interactive displays and next generation interfaces by Michael Haller, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. This is an interesting look at the history of the Interactive Whiteboard as we know it, and a look at some of the new technologies that may well replace or enhance it in the near future such as Interactive Tables, Interactive Paper and Digital Pens.

Download the pdf file here