Jess McCulloch asked me to develop some whiteboard challenges for project she is working on. The whole challenge site will be launching on August 11th – so if you want to take part visit the Whiteboard Challenge Wiki and see what you need to do.

This is the first of my Whiteboard Challenges. The infinite cloner is a Smartboard feature, but you can clone objects in Promethean software, or stack a pile of shapes over each other. You can read more about the challenge on its wiki page.

Whiteboard Challenge – Cloning from Danny Nicholson on Vimeo.

The challenge is to investigate how you could use cloning in a lesson resource, and then try it out with a class

How can you use this? Try some of these out.

  • dragging symbols onto weather maps / regular maps
  • Shapes and tessellations – have a square and a triangle – how many different shapes can you make?
  • Dragging labels onto diagrams
  • Fridge Magnet Poetry – clone an array of connecting words
  • counters on board games

There are other uses too, see if you can think of any