One of the nice things about using an interactive whiteboard is that it gives you the chance to use high-quality images. The fact that you can project digital images is much better than having to use overhead projectors and acetates, and much easier to use than a slide projector.

You can make an impressive start to a lesson by having a dramatic or inspiring image up on the screen as the students come into the room. The image may be something that can spark debate or discussion. They may illustrate a particular point, or be used as a stimulus for some creative writing or project work.

Recently, a fellow twitterer digitalmaverick posted a link to a fantastic set of photos from The Boston Globe of London at night, as seen from above. There are some truly breathtaking photos of a city I know very well at street level. Seeing it from a few hundred feet brings a whole new perspective on things. And as Digitalmaverick says, also makes you think about how much energy is being wasted on lights that could be switched off.

 Looking down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and Soho. (© Jason Hawkes)
This section of the Boston Globe is called The Big Picture, and you can search its archive for more excellent images on a range of topics. There are fantastic ice sculptures, images of the Sun and The Earth from Above to name just a few. These pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope just blow me away, as do these Cassini photos.

I’m sure there are many lessons you teach that could be enhanced by some of these amazing images. Go there now and take a look! The site even has an RSS feed so you can add them to your RSS reader and keep track of the updates. The site seems add a new page of images every few days, so it’s worth going back again and again.