Tilt shifting is a way of processing a photograph so that it appears to be a model instead of the real thing.

I’ve always been amazed by the fact that just adding a blur to parts of the photograph changes the whole way the brain processes the image and makes you think you are looking at a model.

Previously, if you’ve wanted to make a tilt-shift image, you had to play around with blurs and masks or filters in Photoshop. But now there’s a website that lets you produce them almost instantly.

Tilt Shift Bett

Tilt Shift Maker lets you upload an image, or choose one from the internet. You can process images directly from Flickr if you give it the URL of the image. The image above is my attempt at a Tilt Shifted BETT.

The whole process is very quick. You can preview your image before you produce the final version, and then save it to your computer. There’s even a Flickr group of images produced by the website which you can add your finished image to if you wish.

Try it out now; http://tiltshiftmaker.com