I received this email from SMART yesterday. It should definitely be of interest to secondary maths teachers and KS2 school teachers. UK teachers, just stick an “S” after each use of the word Math šŸ˜‰

“Math tools for SMART Notebook software are high on educatorsā€™ wish lists. This June, SMART will grant their wish with a beta version of SMART Notebook Math.

SMART Notebook Math extends the capabilities of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software by incorporating math-specific tools for teachers. With SMART Notebook Math, teachers and students can now create, solve or graph mathematical concepts directly in SMART Notebook.

SMART Notebook Math features include the following:

  • Equation creation and editing
  • Equation handwriting recognition
  • Graphing tool
  • Real-time linked relationships between tables, equations and graphs
  • More shapes additional to those that come with SMART Notebook 10
  • Shape manipulation and feedback
  • Advanced-measurement tools
  • Ability to launch and operate Texas Instrumentsā„¢ emulators from within SMART Notebook

Details on pricing and sales tips for SMART Notebook Math will be provided later in the year.

To find out more. visit this page to sign up to receive the beta version of SMART Notebook Math.

I’ve signed up for the Beta, so hopefully will be able to let you know more about what this entails later this year. I would guess it’s a suite of tools like the Lesson Toolkit – but it may also be something that “plugs into” Smart Notebook like the Senteo software does.

Watch this space.