Yesterday I decided to dust off my rudimentary Flash skills and have a go at making a new flash resource to use on an interactive whiteboard with younger pupils.

I wanted to make something that could be used to stimulate writing or discussion like the Superhero generator etc. So I had a go at a Make a Monster activity. You can view it here.


Click on the icons at the bottom of the screen to change the face, eyes, nose and mouth. I’ve put the icons at the bottom of the screen to make it easy to reach.

Once you’ve built your monster you could use the IWB screen capture tools, or Print Screen button and paste a copy into your software of choice. Pupils could then write about the monster.

You could write key words to describe your monster on your page – then drag them to another page where you have a partially completed writing frame. If you have Smart Notebook you can view both pages at the same time by clicking the Dual Page button, but you could just drag the words onto the next page using the Page Sorter in both Smart and Promethean.


If you have any comments about the Make a Monster game, please let me know.

If you like this, I have made other games which you might also like to use. You can find them all on my Think Bank website.