Thanks to Jonathan Lurie on Twitter who sent me some links to a collection of primary maths games hosted by Oswego City School District in New York. These are fantastic to use on the IWB for lesson starters or plenaries. Go here and add it to your bookmark list now!


The games are in flash format and range from simple resources such as Class Clocks for telling the time, to fraction painters, number squares and Ghost Blasters. One of my all-time favourites is Billy Bug. Lovely for teaching simple coordinates. Make sure you have the sound on. He’s so cute.


These resources are all produced by Mark Cogan. Mark produces several excellent websites over here in the UK which showcase the resources he produces for Numeracy (and now Literacy too). If you haven’t seen any of his stuff before then you are really missing out.

The main site is, but once you’re on any of his sites it’s easy to find the others. Check out Teaching Money, Teaching Fractions, Teaching Time and Teaching Measures. Each site features evaluation versions of the activities that you can try out – they are just watermarked to encourage you to buy the full versions (and I recommend that you do!)

Resources were originally sold on CD to run on your own school networks, but you can now also access all of them online (for a very reasonable annual fee) at


All of these games would get my Fingerfriendly seal of approval! Highly Recommended.