I demonstrated some of these files with my PGCE students today and they wanted the links, so thought it was worth reposting here.

I have a batch of my Smart Notebook files up on my Think Bank website for anyone who wants them to download. These are all Primary files, but you can also get plenty of Secondary Science files from the Think Bank website too.

Best thing to do is to right click and “save target as” since Smart sometimes gets confused.

Fishing Rod Keyword idea


Pulse Rate Fair test planner

Generic Post It Planner

Living or Non Living

Food Chains


Body Parts

Plenary for Space

Plenary for Electricity

Plants and Flowers

Weather Forecast

Frog Life Cycle

Properties of Materials anagram activity (includes countdown themetune)

There are also a few Literacy and Numeracy Smart Notebook files on the site as well as some simple Flash activities on the site as well.