11 Ideas for Music Lessons on your Interactive Whiteboard

I’ve been asked several times recently on Twitter to recommend ideas for Music lessons that involve the interactive whiteboard.

So here are 10 free resources, and one excellent paid-for resource, that will help you make music on your interactive whiteboard. More can be found on my delicious list.


Moodstream is a really interesting tool. It combines images (from Getty Images) and audio tracks to suit your mood. Would be good to investigate how different sounds and tunes affect our how we feel. Choose from combinations of happy/sad, calm/lively, warm/cool etc. Is really interesting to leave running for a while and see what it does.

Shaun the Sheep’s Bleat Box

Make music with Shaun the Sheep of Wallace and Gromit fame. Click on a sheep to make them bleat! Great fun. Includes a free play mode or a memory game.

Making Music from Help Kidz Learn

Simply press a piano key or run your finger down the keys on a touch screen, to play the notes. Mouse users can click on the keys. The keys are in different bright colours and marked with the note they play.

Virtual Drum Kit

Ken Brashear has made a giant drum kit that you play simply by hitting the different hotspots on the image. Very therapeutic.

Music Match Game

This game helps you learn how to play the piano and read music. You can learn the notes, learn the keys or both.

Drum Machine

An interactive drum machine that lets you build up different beats to create your own drum track which you can then export as a swf file.

Poisson Rouge Piano

A simple interactive piano that lets you produce a tune and then play it back. Will show the musical notation at the same time.


A collaborative “wall of music” Click on the notes to play a track, but other people can also be using it at the same time and play music between you!

Toy Theatre Music

4 different games here. Compose your own music, create drum beats, music maker and piano puppet. Try them out!

Musical Monsters

A paid-for resource that is wonderful for KS1 is Musical Monsters from Q& Multimedia. Create rhythms and melodies by putting the singing creatures onto the music board, then listen to – and watch – the results.

And finally… Reindeer Orchestra

Probably best left until close to Christmas, but click on the reindeer’s noses to make them sing. Choose from several christmas carols, or free play mode.

More links can be found on my delicious list at: http://delicious.com/dannynic/music+iwb

Update:Following this tweet from GirlfromPBO on twitter:

girlfromPBO@dannynic great links in your post & bkmks but you’re missing our wiki full of teacher made lessons from across the US! mustech.pbworks.com

So for some more good ideas for music – also head over and check out their wiki at: http://mustech.pbworks.com

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Author: Danny Nicholson

Danny is an author, Science teacher, ICT Consultant, PGCE lecturer and computing / interactive whiteboard trainer. He has delivered training courses across the UK, in Europe, and in Canada. Please get in touch with your training requests.

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  1. Thanks for your post! As a music teacher and an inspired musician, i do appreciate your sharing these ideas – great music teaching tips and resources. Using various music teacher software and websites has also been considered effective in terms of coming up with innovative and interactive activities and programs related to music teaching as well as in making the learning process a lot more convenient, fun and exciting. Please consider piano teacher resources and tips in your next posts.

  2. I am glad I came across your article. Thank you for posting these wonderful ideas about Music Lessons.

  3. That piano-playing one with the bright keys would be really cool for all preschools to have. These are all great resources, but I think that one would be especially easy for little ones to start recognizing the piano keys and appreciating the art of playing music.

  4. Thanks for posting this impressive list of free online resources.

  5. None of the URLs load, so none of this is available. Annoying as I just get page 402 errors. x

  6. Sorry about that – this is a blog post from 2009.. the internet is a fickle beast and a lot of it vanishes over time. I’ll try and write a new post sometime with updated links.


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