As the Summer draws to a close and we start another academic year, here’s a quick reflection on the past year here on the Whiteboard Blog.

Here are the top 10 most read articles.

20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers – In which guest blogger Karen Schweitzer suggests 20 great resources to use on your IWB.

Smart Lesson Toolkit 2.0- In which I show to update your old Smart lesson toolkit to the fab and groovy new version 2. An essential update for all Smartboard users.

ActivInspire for all IWB Users? – In which I discuss how important the release of an “open” version of the new ActivInspire software could benefit users of every brand of Interactive Whiteboard.

ActivInspire Toolbars – A guide to the new toolbars in the latest version of ActivInspire for Promethean boards.

Powerful Images to Give Lessons Punch – In which I list several places to obtain amazing images to really inspire Awe and Wonder in your lessons. One of my favourite posts.

13 sites for MFL teaching with your Interactive Whiteboard – In which I give 13 great websites to use to teach Modern Foreign Languages on your Interactive Whiteboard.

Twittering Teacher in Trouble – Some thoughts about a teacher who got into trouble for using Twitter, and what we could do to avoid these problems.

ActivInspire Training Manual – A very short post, that links to a great Promethean manual on the Technowellies blog.

Smart Board Games from PBS – A short post that links to some great Flash games from PBS Kids.

11 Ideas for Music Lessons on your Interactive Whiteboard – In which I give 11 great websites that you can use to teach Music on your IWB.

Here are my top 5 referrers, according to my site logs:

Twitter (as always!)

Promethean Planet

Teaching Ideas

Big Brown Envelope

Thanks for sending the visitors my way!

Thanks for all the support over the last year. The Whiteboard Blog has gone from strength to strength and visitor numbers have been steadily increasing. I’m hoping the next academic year is going to be just as successful. I’m quite excited about making my first overseas conference in March in Canada – hope to see some of you there. If you do want to book training from myself then the details are on this site. I’m more than happy to negotiate a training package for you.

Thanks again, and here’s to 09/10!