I’ve just got back from a Smartboard trainers gathering up in Leeds. It’s always great to get together and share new stuff that we’ve found with everyone else, and learn new things too. Vicki from Shoofly demonstrated Storybird, a website she’d found, and I just had to share it here.

Storybird provides a very user-friendly way of combining images and text to tell a story, and then share that story with other people. You choose images from a huge bank of ready-drawn pictures which also help to provide inspiration for story ideas.

You can also have several users all working on the same Storybird story, which would be a great classroom activity

When you have created a Storybird you can send it to others (via weblink) or use the embed code to embed it into a blog / wiki etc. For example, here’s a ready produced Storybird (not made by me) embedded into a blog page:

Emilie and her Dreams on Storybird

You can also read the stories produced by other people, if you want a little inspiration. It’s a really cute little website and it would be an excellent way of making Big Books to use in the classroom on your IWB.

Go check it out http://storybird.com, and thanks again Vicki for sharing the link.

Update – Thanks to @valleseco for sharing this great wiki of MFL Storybirds created by @wizenedcrone.