I’m just back from a very snowy Nottingham having attended the ASE (Association for Science Education) Conference.

I gave a talk about Blogs and Wikis in Science Teaching and wanted to share the presentation, and resources here, so that they can be found all in one place.

The presentation is here on Slideshare if you want to download your own version. All the links to the various blogs and wikis that I showed should work straight from the slides if you click on them.

Blogs and Wikis in Science teaching

The Wiki that I set up for the course, with all the links to everything else, is here. There are lots of other guides and helpsheets I didn’t mention, which you can find on the wiki.

In addition, if you want to set up your own blog or wiki then follow these step by step guides:

A step by step guide to making a Blog can be found here.

A step by step guide to making a wiki can be found here.

It was great to see everyone who attended the talk. Apologies if it was a little rushed, but there is a lot to cram into an hour. I usually do this in a one-day course. If you would like a longer course, run at your own school, then please get in touch.