If you’re bored with the usual images and want to add some special effects to your pictures, then check out Big Huge Labs.

This site provides hundreds of different filters than can be applied to your photos to add many different special effects.

You can give the site access to your Flickr or Facebook photo albums, or just upload images for it to work on.

For example – turn one of your images into a stamp.

Or a piece of pop art in the style of Andy Warhol

or maybe try adding captions

Or maybe turn it into a jigsaw (Sadly not an interactive jigsaw)

or a mosaic in the style of David Hockney

You can also create calendars, badges, magazine covers, movie posters and many more! One tool even lets you turn 6 images into a printable cube – this would be good to make dice for languages with different images on each face.

Go check out Big Huge Labs today!