One type of software that is really cool on an interactive whiteboard are the various painting packages. Drawing is hard with a mouse, but better with a graphics tablet – and you can’t get a bigger graphics tablet than an Interactive Whiteboard.

If you own a Promethean board then you might be interested to know that Promethean have teamed up with ArtRage to provide a simple way of obtaining a demo version of their very cool painting package.

You can download the Promethean version of Artrage here. (more about this on the Promethean blog). If you don’t own a Promethean board, then you can still download the regular, free version of Artrage from the Artrage website here.

ArtRage Starter Edition gives you 8 painting tools and lets you create, save, and print as many pictures as you like and doesn’t limit their size. The full version contains additional paint tools, the ability to paint on multiple layers, metallic paint, stencils and rulers, and a long list of additional features.

It is called a natural media painting program because it stimulates real things, such as spraycans, crayons, oil paints, rollers and glitter, which all interact with each other on the digital canvas much as they do in real life.

Artrage has just released Artrage Studio and Artrage Studio Pro with a whole pile of new features. If you like the starter edition you can upgrade to a full version of v3 Pro for about £50. If that’s a little steep you can upgrade to the older v2.5 for £13.

If you’ve never used ArtRage, it gives you the feeling that you are painting with real paint, as oppose to pixels. It’s really easy to pick up. It’s fun to use with a mouse, but the addition of an IWB makes for a very different painting experience!

Get the free version of Artrage now, and see what you think.