Smart have released a new version of the Smart Response software. The important feature for me is that it now works with 64 bit versions of Windows 7, which means I can now use it on my laptop. Hurrah!

Other highlights:

• This update introduces support for SMART Response XE and SMART Response
VE (beta).
• SMART Response XE math expression question type accepts open-ended
responses containing math expressions and scientific functions.
• The intelligent grading feature automatically accepts multiple representations of
the correct answer for math expressions.
• This update improves SMART Response’s compatibility with ExamView® Test
• Teachers can use the Preview function to view student responses while the
assessment is running.
• A new Teacher Tools feature allows teachers to track question text and responses
in more detail.
• Teachers can customize the format of exported assessment results.
• The driver for the new receiver runs on 64-bit operating systems.

You can download the latest version here.