MYLO is a new website designed to engage young people in learning languages, to raise their competence, and to encourage them to continue studying languages. It launched today – so is pretty new on the block!

MYLO is organised into a series of challenges. Each challenge is designed to offer a fully-rounded and self-contained learning experience, promoting language learning through creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and enquiry.

Challenges are structured to include:

  • Context – a short video sequence sets the scene for the learner, explaining what the challenge is about, and how to succeed.
  • Practice activities – a number of bite-size activities and materials designed to encourage learners to develop new skills or refine those they already have.
  • The Challenge – challenges can be started and work saved. Examples of good practice, from other learners, are available.
  • Support – an ever-present collection of support materials, such as a dictionary, key phrases and cultural background notes are available for reference.
  • Submit – if a school is registered with MYLO then learners submit their completed challenge to the teacher for assessment. Teachers can choose to publish this work to the wider MYLO community.

From it’s launch in November MYLO will cover the most popular languages : French, German and Spanish– the ones most commonly taught at school or spoken on holiday: In addition they’ve also included Chinese as it is already offered in many secondary schools and is predicted to become a popular choice!

It’s free to register with MYLO as an individual, or as a school. MFL departments should definitely take a look.