Ookaboo is a collection of free pictures, indexed using precise words and phrases from various sources on web. All pictures on Ookaboo are in the public domain or are under Creative Commons — that means that you can use our pictures for your web site, classwork, or other creative projects!

The Map Search is a little fiddly, but you can search for keywords or places. Images include a link back to the original image, plus an explanation in plain english of how you can use the image legally. It also provides html and bbcode for reusing the image on your website or on a forum.

For example; A quick search for my home town brings up this photo of the pub we used to spend all our time in when I was a student… The html code is taken straight from the Ookaboo page.

Picture of Leigh-on-Sea
thanks to JohnArmagh from Wikimedia Commons and Ookaboo!

It’s a neat tool to add to a growing list of creative commons image search tools. Give it a test drive and see what you think! http://ookaboo.com