A finger friendly site is one  that would work well with a finger (but also with an IWB pen) and were very interactive. Here is a selection of 10 different “finger friendly” websites that I’ve found over the years and stored on my delicious list.

Finger Friendly

206 free educational interactive resources for Primary Schools.

A fun drawing application with a twist : some very interesting types of pen. Good for abstract works.

Poisson Rouge
French games for very young pupils

BRUSHster is an online painting machine for all ages. This shockwave interactive includes more than forty brushes and customizable size, transparency, texture, and stroke options. A rainbow palette, along with a toolbox of special effects that blur, ripple, smudge, blend, and fragment your designs help make BRUSHster a full-feature painting program.

Jackson Pollock
Paint in the style of Jackson Pollock without covering the room in paint.

This is Sand
A very odd application where you build images using piles of sand. Fun.

Crayola DigiColour
Another fun drawing application with lots of different pens, markers and crayons

Physics Games
Lots of fun interactive physics games.

ICT Games
Some great ICT games for primary school literacy and numeracy

Oswego Interactive Games
Early versions of maths games from Primary Games hosted on the Oswego website.

If you want to see the whole list, I have gone through my delicious links and tagged anything that fits the bill with the tag “fingerfriendly” – you can see the whole list here; http://delicious.com/dannynic/fingerfriendly