At BETT I attended a talk about blogging, and mention was made of blog carnivals. It was something I had seen previously, but had forgotten all about. I’d seen a few science ones and skeptic ones, such as this: Carnival of Evolution, which kind of gives you the idea I think.

Green Mask

It’s not that kind of carnival…..

A blog carnival is where people write a blog posts on their own blogs  with a common theme (i.e. technology in education) within a certain timescale (by end of month), and then each author sends the URL of blog posts and a short description to one person who then “hosts” the carnival for that month/quarter. They write  a blog post which links to all the posts involved in the carnival. Next time, someone else hosts it, and links to posts.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about blog carnivals.

It got me thinking about whether there were any Education Technology carnivals. I found an general education one, but was thinking that a UK Education Chat (#ukedchat) Carnival would be a good thing to try. I’d be happy to host the first one here, and then others can take it on if they like the idea.

If people are interested – let me know in the comments below or contact me on twitter. If enough people express an interest, we could kickstart the first one. Give everyone two weeks to get a post written and a link sent to me (danny at think-bank dot com)

Or we could broaden it out into an Ed Tech blog carnival and include overseas bloggers too? Thoughts?

Update – OK let’s try this out. Full details here : Ed Tech Blog Carnival. Closing date 30th Jan.

Image credit. Green Mask by Calca.