This post is a follow up post to last years “7 Mythbuster Clips for Science teachers“. The Mythbusters put movie myths, old wives tales, urban legends, thought experiments and internet viral videos to the test. They also take on classic thought experiments to see if they are really true. The show is a must for any science teacher and I am a massive fan. Each show is a great demonstration of the scientific method with many tests, often done in small scale first. Usually they try to replicate the myth to see if it is true. They will then try and replicate the results – so if situation X doesn’t lead to a massive explosion, what conditions will? It’s good fun.

Here are 8 more great Mythbusters clips for science teachers. It’s well worth watching the whole episodes as they usually do several different tests on each myth. But the YouTube clips will give you a flavour.

Due to the nature of YouTube, clips get taken down from time to time which breaks the embedding. I’ll try and give phrases to use to search YouTube for these clips in case they vanish in the future. You can also check out the official Discovery Channel Mythbusters Minisite which has other short Mythbuster clips.

1. The Creamer Cannon

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters Creamer Cannon)

A cranked up version of the classroom demonstration of making a tub of custard/flour explode. What do you get when you use an industrial air pump, several oil drums and a flare? This version uses what we in the UK would call Coffee Mate, but what they called non-dairy coffee creamer.

2. Walking on Water

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters Walking on Water)

Can a ninja walk on water? The answer was no. So what if the water was full of cornflour? Another version of the Walking on Custard video.

3. Breaking a Glass with Human Voice

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters breaking glass voice)

Can you really break a glass with an unamplified human voice? Fabulous demonstration of resonance. This video shows the glass breaking both with amplification and, with a lot of attempts, with just the power of the voice.

4. Penny Drop

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters Penny Empire State)

Will a penny falling from the Empire State Building kill you if it lands on your head? The Mythbusters recreate the effects.

5. Making a Water Heater Rocket

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters water heater rocket)

There are several versions of this myth as they repeat it on several episodes. Will a water heater (with all safey systems disabled) take off like a rocket and go through the roof of a building? Shows the power of pressure!

6. Diet Coke and Mentos Explained

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters coke mentos)

An explanation of how a mentos mint makes cola froth up so quickly.

7. Swimming in Syrup

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters swimming syrup)

A classic thought experiment. Can you swim faster in syrup than you can in water?

8. Making Homemade Diamonds

(YouTube search phrase : Mythbusters homemade diamonds)

Looking at different myths for creating diamonds. Ending with the biggest explosion in Mythbusters history, demonstrating how much pressure is needed to produce diamonds.

And don’t forget to check out “7 Mythbuster Clips for Science teachers” for more clips.