Here’s an idea from Glenn over at History Tech Blog for creating fake Facebook walls or Twitter conversations.

For the fake Facebook you could use a website called My Fake Wall which is quite fun, but has a lot of adverts all over it. Click on the different areas and add the information required. It’s pretty straightforward.

As an alternative Glenn recommends this Fake Facebook powerpoint template and also this rubric to give to students to guide them through the task.

It would be a great way of creating pages on characters in plays or books the class is studying. Also do the same thing for historical figures. Ideas for Science could include creating discussions between famous scientists, create facebook pages for elements etc.

And many more.

For example here’s something I knocked up very quickly for Sodium:

I used the Windows snipping tool to make a screengrab without the adverts.

As a way of creating fake twitter conversations Glenn recommends : You could use this to recreate sections of dialogue from plays in Twitter or create your own story in a new way through tweets instead of regular chat.

Thanks for the tip Glenn!

Update – Also check out this template for a Facebook page in Smart Notebook produced by Amber Coggin