The latest version of ActivInspire (v 1.5) is now available and ready to download. Most of the new features in this version have come about as a result of the new Activboard 500 Pro which has touch capability

This version of ActivInspire contains the following updates:

  • Brand New Question Manager — Everything in one place to quickly create, edit and manage questions and question sets. Create a single question in seconds, generate question sets in an instant. Drag and drop, cut, copy and paste information and questions across pages and flipcharts.
  • Dual User Pen and Touch Capability — Delivers new and extended learning opportunities – use with ActivBoard 500 Pro.
  • Math Tools — European Set Square added to the math tools which possesses pen and touch capability when connected to an ActivBoard 500 Pro.
  • Enhanced Self-Paced Learning — Supports Assessment for Learning activities with individual students, groups and whole classes. Teachers and students gain immediate feedback via meaningful data. New ‘Groups’ feature brings a new dimension to collaborative learning – greater engagement for the student, immediate information and analysis for the teacher.
  • Six New Languages — Now available in Basque (Euskera), Catalan, Galician, Indonesian, Irish and Slovenian.

To update – open ActivInspire, click on Help and Check for Updates. The software will automatically download the most recent version which you can then install. Find out more on the ActivInspire download page.