Smart Notebook 10.7 Released

SMART Board users should be aware that the brand-new Version 10.7 of the Notebook software is available for download now for free for all registered users.

I’m currently stuck in a Premier Inn on a dodgy 3G connection so I won’t be able to download a copy of this until later in the week. So for now I’ll have to quote from the press release.

New SMART Notebook 10.7 software features include:

Multi-touch experience* – Enables two users to interact with digital content simultaneously, with no special tools or multi-touch mode selection required

Freestyle interaction* – Enables two users to work together, performing different tasks, while working in the same SMART Notebook lesson, anywhere on the interactive whiteboard surface

Touch gestures* – Accepts common multi-touch gestures, including one- and two-finger gestures, such as pinching, zooming and tossing

Object awareness* – Distinguishes between a finger, pen, fist, eraser or other object to recognize what action the user is performing and responds accordingly, requiring fewer clicks to perform various tasks

Calligraphic pen – Selecting the calligraphic pen button in SMART Notebook 10.7 software will automatically stylize writing into regular, sleek lines

SMART Ink – Uses ink-smoothing algorithms to make handwriting look smoother and more refined

SMART Notebook software tutorials – Provide an overview of common features and tools that are available through the Help page

SMART product integration – Integrates seamlessly with most SMART hardware and software products, including the SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard and SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard

* SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard only.

The bulk of these features will only be of interest if you if you have one the new 800 series boards and can take advantage of the new multitouch features. But the Smart Ink, Calligraphic Pen and Software Tutorials should be useful for all users.

calligraphy pen

I’m hoping also that the common IWB file format has also been implemented, but I’ll need to download a copy first to check as it’s not mentioned in this press release. Watch this space. Also not mentioned was the ability to insert 3D Google Sketchup models.

You can download Smart Notebook 10.7 here. IMPORTANT: If you have SMART Response 2009 software or earlier, download and install the latest version on the SMART Response Downloads page.

Update – You can import and export the Common Whiteboard Format .IWB files from Smart Notebook 10.7. Use File -> Import or File -> Export to do this rather than using Save or Open. This does mean you can share files with software such as RM Easiteach.

Author: Danny Nicholson

Danny is an author, Science teacher, ICT Consultant, PGCE lecturer and computing / interactive whiteboard trainer. He has delivered training courses across the UK, in Europe, and in Canada. Please get in touch with your training requests.

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  1. Can anyone get the software to install on a Mac? I get error -4960 when trying to mount the dmg.

  2. Trying to download the software only version now.

    Meanwhile I was interested to read this in the release notes: “Mac OS X operating system software
    If both the pen user and the touch user select the Text tool, one user starts editing text, and then the other user starts editing text before allowing the first user to finish, SMART Notebook software can stop responding. To prevent this from happening, ensure that only one user uses the Text tool at a time.”

  3. Usual disappointment to see they’ve stuck with the Frankenstein OS X 10.1 / Win 95 user interface. Search is still really slow and clunky compared to the kind of search you usually get on a Mac app, and the UI here is still completely ill-conceived. Editing the Flash elements is still laborious, especially when basic things like trackpad scrolling still don’t work. Have these developers actually used other software to see the kind of things people are doing to make things work better?

    Do I have to install the drivers (which wouldn’t install) for the spotlight plug-in to work? Spotlight certainly isn’t finding notebook files by their content for me.

    Sorry to be negative, but the lack of progress just disappoints me more every time I try to use Smart Notebook.

  4. Hi!
    We just downloaded this newest update and found something new with the “extend page” feature. When you hit this, it does extend your page, but makes your margins bigger, thereby making the page more narrow and “smaller” and harder to read. The only way we have found to fix it so far is to go to full screen mode, but then you lose the toolbars, which we want to use. Has anyone run into this before or could this be something new with 10.7? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Darcie – I think that happens if you have the page zoom set to “show entire page” rather than page width.

    To change that go to View –> Zoom –> Page Width

    should fix that issue.

  6. John – I’ve made your post aware to some contacts at SMART, hopefully they can help with some of the Mac issues. I have the PC version.

  7. Thanks, Danny, but I’ve sent a lot of Mac feedback to SMART and never had any response. I expect I’m on some sort of blacklist for having high expectations.

    The installation messed up the operation of my RSS reader (which is how I keep up with this blog…) So I had to uninstall the version of Flash that had just been installed and update to the latest version. Reeder is back to normal now and Notebook still works, which is promising.

    Certain editing functions are smoother than before, like rotating objects.

  8. If it helps, our SMART rep told us not to download the Mac version yet as there was a bug with it. We have been told to hold off for now.


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