Google Street View has got to be one of the most amazing projects available on the internet. It still amazes me that from my home computer I can tour cities like Rome or New York and move around as if I was there. But on the whole the places you could see were only those accessible from the road, since their special camera cars could not get everywhere. Although you could take a look at the penguins in Antarctica, which was great (check out the icon on the map).

So after two years of work, Google have now unveiled a new batch of locations that have been captured on screen using a specially adapted tricycle. The trikes allow them to access areas where cars aren’t allowed, such as backstreet alleys, piers and forest trails. The first batch of images include shots from France’s Château de Chenonceaux in Civray-de-Touraine, the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin and the gardens of the San Diego Art Institute in California.

It’s these off road locations, such as Kew Gardens in London for example. that might be of interest to teachers – as it opens up more areas that can be visited for virtual field trips. Hopefully more nature reserves and other parks will be added in the future.