Healthline BodyMaps is an handy tool which provides a set of searchable body maps. It includes colored, interactive maps of everything from the pancreas to the digestive system to the body as a whole.

BodyMaps uses Flash so does not require the download of any additional software. This should make it useful for those of you with older browsers who can’t access Google Body. Will mean you can’t access it on your iPad though 🙁

The interface is reasonaly simple and easy to navigate. You can choose either a male or female body, and mouse over parts of the body to get information on body parts. It’s a shame you can’t view the body in Full-Screen view though.

healthline body

Above the central image a row of icons allow you to choose between different system views : muscular, skeletal, etc. Above the figure you can also navigate by search term.

Click on the Body Menu button to reveal a list of body parts – choose any of these for a zoomed in image of that organ – which you can scroll around.For example here’s a close up look at the heart.

The information on health and disease would also make it a handy reference guide for health and fitness topics in Science / PE.

I still think I prefer Google Body, since you can view this in full-screen, but this is a handy alternative.

Check it out here :