I’ve recently bought myself a Veho Muvi video camera. It’s a tiny pocket sized camera that comes with a handy clip so that you can attach it to your clothes or to anything else that comes to mind! My aim is to finally take a small enough camera skiing with me so that I can record some skiing footage. I was too worried about taking my FlipCam out of my pocket to use it on the move!

The camera comes with a 2GB Micro SD Card, which should be able to record about 90 minutes of footage. It has a built in rechargeable battery which should last for about 2-3 hours. You can recharge it via USB. You can buy it from stores such as Play.com for about £40, which is pretty good value ($60 on Amazon.com). I made the mistake of buying a 16GB card to use, but it can only cope with 8GB maximum. I have bought an 8GB card now and it works fine.


The video quality is not bad, considering the size of the camera, and pretty comparable with my iPhone. Here’s a quick video to show the movie and sound quality. It’s not HD quality, but looks OK at 480p when uploaded to YouTube. Straight from the camera the quality is fine when played full-screen.


Uses in the classroom

Small, ultra portable cameras could have lots of uses in the classroom. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Get a whole new point of view – attach it to a turtles/Bee Bots, model cars, bike handlebars
  • Get a student’s eye view of field work, museum trips or a tour of the school / journey to school. Attach to a head strap or clip to a shirt/blazer pocket. Hands-free recording.
  • Record practical work/demonstrations from a different viewpoint.
  • Get a minibeasts view of the world by getting it down into the undergrowth.
  • Keep it handy to make recordings of good examples of pupil work. Its tiny size means it could easily go on a lanyard around your neck.

Can you think of other uses for such a small camera in the classroom? Add them to the comments below!