So it’s mid-August and for many teachers the new school year has begun and for others it’s not too far away. Some of you will be starting at new schools and with that there’s a chance that you’ll be coming to terms with a new interactive whiteboard. You may already be familiar with whiteboards already, and are just starting at a school with a different brand.

Either way, here’s a summary of blogposts I’ve written in the past that hopefully will prove useful to you.

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For those changing whiteboard brands.

First of all, if you are moving to a new school with a different whiteboard, here’s a guide to moving between Smart and Promethean and vice versa


General IWB Ideas

Here are 8 ideas to keep it Simple when getting to grips with your interactive whiteboard. Stick to the basic tools and use them well.

In addition here are some Lesson Starter Ideas which are simple to make, yet very effective.

Also here’s a simple guide on the Creative use of colour in IWB files.

For some ideas of websites to use on your IWB take a look at 20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers and 10 More Cool Teaching Resources for Your Whiteboard.

If you want to add more oomph to your presentations, check out Powerful Images to Give Lessons Punch and 12 Useful Image Search Tools.


If you want some ready-made IWB files you can find some here on my Think Bank website.

New SmartBoard Users

Getting hold of a copy of Smart Notebook. Download the latest version here. It will run as a 30 day trial version until you activate it.

How to activate your copy of Smart Notebook  and What to do when the network technician says you can’t have a licence key.

Smartboard software guides are in the Guides section of this website, and all my Smart articles are here.

Do check that you have the Gallery installed. Click on the icon of a Picture on the side of Smart Notebook. You are looking for “Gallery Essentials” or “Essentials for Educators”

Get more resources from Smart over at the Smart Exchange.


New Promethean ActivInspire Users

To get hold of a copy of ActivInpsire : Download here. You will need a serial number from your ICT technician to make this copy work at home. Otherwise it will run as a trial version and then as a cut down personal version.

Promethean software guides are in the Guides section of this website, and all my Promethean articles are here.

Get more resources from Promethean over at Promethean Planet.

To everyone starting back at school – I hope the new term starts smoothly for you. Any whiteboard questions please get in touch. And if your school need any Smartboard or Promethean INSET sessions run then please let me know. I can do bespoke courses for any level of user. More of that over at my Think Bank website.