If you are blogging with students – it’s recommended that you don’t use real photographs of the students. A fun alternative is to create a cartoon avatar instead. This lets the students have a visual representation of themselves, but without using their real image.

You could also use these as characters in your lesson resources – add them to your interactive whiteboard presentations with speech bubbles to give lesson objectvies or to ask questions.

Here are 16 websites that you can use to create fun avatars. Some allow you to save the finished creation as a jpg for free. If not, then use the print screen button to copy the screen, paste into a paint program, crop and save as a jpg. You could also use the Smart or Promethean camera tools to capture these images to your IWB files.

1. WeeMee -Create a mini version of yourself, add accessories. There’s plenty of scope for customisation of your avatar.

2. South park studio – turn yourself into a South Park character

3. HeroMachine 2.5 – Turn yourself into a super hero character. This would also be great as a part of a digital storytelling resource  or story starter.

4. Avatarizeyourself – turn yourself into a Na’vi from the movie Avatar

5. Ultimate Flash Face v0.42b a bit like a police photofit.

6. Make yourself in lego – Produce a lego character that looks like you. Or turn yourself into a Stormtrooper wizard. Is up to you :)

7. Simpsons Movie – Ever wanted to be a Simpsons character? Now you can create your own yellow-skinned doppleganger in the style of the Simpsons.

8. Mr. Picassohead – become an abstract piece of work in the style of Picasso. Put your eyes and ears wherever you want!

9. BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF – Create an avatar out of bits and pieces of humans and other animals – head, arms, legs, clothes, eyes, mouth, tail, wings, shells … just pick the parts you like and assemble them together

10.Mii Avatar Generator – create a Mii in the style of the characters found on the Wii computer console.

11. Clay Yourself – Clay Yourself lets you create a version of yourself in modelling clay. Lots of choice. (Thanks Lara for the link!)

12. ArtisanCam A quick way of producing a sketch version of yourself. Limited choice of options.

13. Become an M and M – This lets you recreate yourself as an M and M sweet from the adverts. Probably going against the school’s healthy eating agenda…

14. Lloyds TSB Me – This lets you recreate yourself in the style of the characters from the Lloyds TSB banking adverts.

15. Grabba Beast – Grabba Beast lets you build your own monster from a large library of body parts, some scary, some cute. Plenty of weird and strange designs. This would also be great for creating characters for digital storytelling.

16. Mad Men Yourself – this is one for the teachers more than the students. Fans of the TV show Mad Men can creates a sharp dressed 60s avatar of themselves.

Mad Men

If you want more of these sites, the full list can be found on my Delicious list here: http://delicious.com/dannynic/avatar

Got any others you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments!

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