The BBC Nature Video Collection is a large library of video clips from the excellent BBC Natural History archive, many narrated by the legend that is Sir David Attenborough.

The video clips include some from the amazing Frozen Planet, the latest exploration into the remote and isolated polar environments. Some of the scenes are totally jaw-dropping. For example the Brinicle; icy finger of death 🙂

Other other collections include Minibeasts, Baby Animals, Dinosaurs and more. Teachers looking for clips of animals/plants to use in science lessons may well find something useful here. Clips can be embedded into your VLE or website.

It’s an excellent collection of science clips and I definitely recommend bookmarking it.

I’m not sure if these clips will be available outside the UK. Can any of my US/Canadian visitors check and leave a comment?

Take a look at :

For more Science media clips, I’ve bookmarked a few at :