Secondary maths teachers will be interested in Math Quiz, an online bank of maths tests for students. There are 4 levels of test : GCSE mathematics, A-Level mathematics, Foundation for University mathematics and University level mathematics.

The questions are multiple choice, usually 10 questions per test. Once the test is complete the system gives instant feedback to the user.

You need to register with the site to get the full functionality such as seeing full tests and saving your past tests to a user profile. It’s free to register, but there are also premium features which are available for a additional fee. Premium users can see full solutions to each question, printable tests and get access to more tests etc. A year’s membership costs £15, but at the moment you can get a year for just £5.

If you want to just check the site out you can do that without registering and access some cut-down quizzes.

The site uses something called MathML to correctly display mathematical expressions in the browser, so as such it works best in Firefox browsers rather than Internet Explorer.

Math Quiz would be useful for teachers to direct their students to for maths revision and maybe for running short tests in a lesson. It’s an interesting resource and well worth pointing your students towards it.

Take a look here :

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