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It’s Valentine’s day, and as our thoughts turn to matters of the heart, here’s a stack of useful links to resources all about the heart to use in science lessons.

In The Zone : The Pulse

This resource from The Wellcome Trust provides some interactive activities, and lesson resources for teaching about the heart and the effect of exercise. Lots of other body resources there too.


An excellent animation, and still one of my favourites, which shows what happens as the heart beats. HyperHeart shows bloodflow, aortic/ventricular volumes and pressures present in a normal cardiac cycle. Also included are an electrocardiogram and heart sounds graph. Tutorials are provided for each phase of the cycle.

Habits of the Heart

Habits of the Heart was developed as a resource for students and teachers interested in learning about the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. The site includes lesson plans, on-line interactive activities and videos about the heart along with other links and ideas for the classroom. Some great images of heart surgery!

BioDigital Human

This interactive resource lets you explore the human body, including the heart, in great detail. You do need a modern browser for this to work, older versions of Internet Explorer won’t work.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation produces resources for schools covering the heart and heart disease. Visit their site to find out how to get hold of copies. Also check out their YHeart site for teenagers with resources for teaching about keeping fit and healthy.

FreezeRay Heart Labelling

The Freezeray website has a nice little activity for labelling the parts of the heart that would work well on an IWB

Freezeray heart labelling activityHybrid Heart

The Hybrid Interactive Heart is an exploration into the various and novel ways a beating heart may be visually represented using the latest technology. In this case you have the the ability to blend and even replace the “normal” opaque tissue with refractory “glass,” allowing for a view of the valves and chambers. There is a link to a nice animation of a beating heart too.

Get Body Smart

This site has some good information about the heart, with diagrams and images. Also lots about the other body systems and organs too.

The Visible Heart

This animation focuses on the gross anatomy of the human heart. The model of the heart is semitransparent, allowing you to see through the thick cardiac muscle into the four heart chambers.

Other Valentine’s Day resources.

For less scientifict, and more romantic resources you can also find a Valentine’s Day resource pack on Promethean Planet which includes 36 resources to develop flipcharts with a Valentine’s Day theme.  You will find images, backgrounds and page templates including two voting templates.  Note: Cupids are anatomically correct!  No fig leaf provided.

Also don’t forget that word cloud generators such as Tagxedo can make heart shaped word clouds, which could make for a fun visual piece. The one below was made from the words on the wikipedia page about the heart.

Heart Shaped Word Cloud

Happy Valentine’s Day!