NASA’s Spacecraft 3D is a free augmented reality (AR) application for IOS devices that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used by NASA to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe.

From within the app you get the option to email yourself a pdf file with a special AR marker on it. Simply print this off and place it on your desk. You can then choose which spacecraft you want to examine – the app includes Curiosity, Hubble, Cassini and more! According to NASA, Spacecraft 3D will be updated over time to include more spacecraft. Hold your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch up and point it at the marker and the spacecraft will appear.

As you move the marker around, the image will move and rotate so you can see all around it. Choose from different animations to show how different parts of the craft work – such as Curiosity’s robot arm or antenna unfurl.

It’s a really cool little app, and even better it’s totally free, so I highly recommened checking it out. It’ll work on all IOS devices with a camera. Would make a fun activity in a science lesson about space and how we can explore it.


Spacecraft 3D


You can download Spacecraft 3D here.

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