RabbleBrowser is an interesting app for the iPad that turns web-browsing into a collaborative experience when used across a class set of iPads on a school network.

The makers of Rabble Browser describe it as : “a curated, collaborative Web browser perfect for classrooms, board rooms or any meeting room. One person can lead a session, sharing URLs with a limitless number of participants. The others can share URLs back to the leader for reciprocal browsing, making RabbleBrowser the browser of choice for demonstrations or presentations. ”

Rabble Browser

Basically RabbleBrowser allows a group of users on the same WiFi network to connect, chat, share links, documents, and more from their iPads. The session host can set up and cast votes around a question and manage chats between users. The app costs £1.99 and you can download Rabble Browser via the app store here. You’ll need at least two iPads connected to be able to use it fully. One iPad (the teacher) would create a session and then the other iPads can connect to it.

The teacher could send out a URL to the class iPads for them to take a look at, easier than writing on the board for the class, especially if it’s a long URL. Students would be able to follow along with the teacher while being able to leaving comments on the side of the page to enable a group discussion. This could create a useful back channel to discuss online news articles, or blog posts. It could also be used to critique each others work on a class blog for example.

RabbleBrowser allows for quick and easy sharing from within app, depending on whether things such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in school. Even if they are, they could still share via email.

It’s a very interesting idea – and is well worth a look. At £2 per iPad it’s not a major expense. Try it on a few first to see what you think.

There’s more information here : http://floatlearning.com/apps/rabblebrowser/

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