Daydream Education have been making wall charts for 14 years and in recent years they have been converting these wall charts into interactive versions that can be displayed on Interactive Whiteboards.

Their interactive wallcharts currently cover 10 subjects, Business Studies, D&T, English, Geography, ICT, Maths, Music, P.E, R.E and Science. There are versions of their Interactive Packs for both Primary and Secondary (and Sixth Form), with CD or VLE versions available.

They have just sent me a copy of their new Interactive Content Pack for Maths, which they will be showcasing at the BETT Exhibition in London this week.

Daydream maths

The Maths pack is suitable for key stage 3, GCSE (foundation and higher) and elements of AS and A-level. The  software is very user-friendly and contains a wealth of curriculum-based content for both teacher and learner. it contains presentations, games and assessments and is ideal for starter, plenary and summary activities, providing for students of all learning styles and abilities.

The pack includes:

  • 26 Interactive Charts
  • 60 Worksheets
  • 42 Fun Features – interactive games or puzzles.
  • 60 Printable Quizzes
  • 580 Quiz Questions

The games are Flash-based so they can be used on regular computers, but not on iPads.

It’s a pretty comprehensive set of resources that should be of interest to all Maths teachers. I liked the “fun features” which make the resources more interactive than just watching the a presentation. The quizzes are also very useful and could be played as a whole class as  part of a plenary or revision activity. Lesson objectives can be clearly displayed. There’s also a set of iwb tools which can be accessed via a toolbox button. This gives tools like a pen, highlighter, calculator and a protractor.

Daydream maths

It’s not a free resources. Prices start at £149 for a class licence and £199 for a site licence. VLE options are also available. You can get a free trial of their software via the Daydream website.

You can find out more about their Interactive Maths pack here.