Brand new to the Smart Exchange is a little widget which will let you embed HTML into a Smart Notebook 11 page. This includes YouTube embed codes, but should also let you use other html codes as well.

You can download the Embed Widget Here. From that page, download and save the file.

In Smart Notebook 11, click on the Gallery tab,Right Click on My Content and a drop down menu should pop up, like this:


Click on Add to My Content, find the file you downloaded and Open it. The embed widget should be added to your area of the Gallery. (It should be under Interactive and Multimedia)


Drag it to your page to use it.

Once on the page – click on the cog in the top left corner. You will see a box where you post the Embed code from a YouTube video or other online resource.


If you want to know how to get the YouTube Embed codes, take a look at this guide here which then shows how to put them into PowerPoint.

Once done, click on OK and the video should be placed onto your Smart Notebook 11 page.

Like this:


Remember, for the video to work you will need to have an internet connection and YouTube access – so this is not a way around school filters.

It’s a neat little widget, and I can see this being very useful. Although it is easy to hyperlink to a video, it is nice to be able to just have the video there on your page.

There are lots of other cool widgets on the Smart Exchange that are also well worth a look. Go explore them here.