Here’s a different way to present your lesson objectives. The Star Wars Crawl Creator lets you turn any piece of text into the scrolling text seen at the opening of the Star Wars movies.

Simply enter your text, then hit preview to see your text, complete with the famous theme tune.

Star Wars Crawl Creator

The site provides an embed code and a direct link so you can access your crawl in the future, or embed it into a blog or other website. (Update – there’s a few issues with this at present. Check some of the hints in the comments below.)

It’s great fun. It would be a great way to provide a story opener, or to give the introduction to a science or maths investigation. Children could use it to write summaries to their own stories.

Check it out now via the Star Wars website here.

Update for alternatives: there’s this one, but it doesn’t allow sharing, and this one, written in CSS which is rather neat too.