Kahoot is a new quiz and survey creation tool that will work on any device. It allows teachers to set up and run multiple choice quizzes which their students can then answer via any device that has a web browser. In many ways it’s a lot like one of my favourite tools, Socrative.

The teacher creates a quiz using the web interface. Questions are multiple-choice style, and it’s pretty straightforward to get these set up, enter the options and select the correct answer. An image can be added to each question too – simply drag one from your computer onto the question page.

Once published, the teacher starts the quiz, and displays the start screen to the class. This gives the students the instructions on what to do next to access the quiz.


Using their tablet, laptop or phone, students open a web browser and go to Kahoot.it. They then enter the game pin number displayed. Once there, they enter their name that will then be used in the quiz.

The teacher can then start the quiz when all the students have logged in. Kahoot is different to other quizzes such as Socrative in that the questions themselves do not appear on the student device. The question would be displayed by the teacher on their machine, and the students only see the 4 possible answers on their own screen. kahoot-quizscreen

The four answers are colour coded and have a symbol. The students will see these 4 colour buttons and symbol on their device and have to select the correct one. A time limit can be set for each question if you wish, and students can get more points by answering quickly.

After each question, the number of students answering each option is displayed on the teachers screen, along with the correct answer. If the teacher wants to, it can also show a leaderboard of scores.


Kahoot also allows for discussions, and surveys, using the same interface. It would be a good way of conducting a quick poll during a lecture or presentation perhaps.

For schools involved in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or who are implementing 1:1 iPad programmes, then Kahoot is well worth adding to the list of websites to use.

Kahoot is still in beta, so do keep that in mind when using it, some features may still be added or tweaked. But as an alternative to Socrative it’s pretty neat. At the moment you can’t set up quizzes to run independently of the teacher’s computer like you can with a Socrative quiz.

It’s free to sign up with Kahoot, and you can get a quiz running very quickly. Students do not need a login for the site, they just access via a PIN. But if you wish you can set up student accounts and have them create their own Kahoot quizzes.

Take a look at Kahoot now at : https://getkahoot.com/

Click here for a guide to using Kahoot.