AppFurnace is a new online tool which enables pupils to design, build and edit their own mobile device apps then transfer them for use on a smartphone or tablet device. The finished apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Launched by Kudlian, AppFurnace is aimed at schools looking for ways to support the new computing curriculum in creative ways.

Designed to be a cross-curricular tool, AppFurnace apps can be created for a number of purposes, such as school tours, persuasive writing in Literacy or pupils can create an app about a school trip, importing images and sound to make it more interactive.

AppFurnace will help pupils develop their basic computing skills, but for more able or older students, they will be able to delve deeper and write computer code using Javascript to enhance the functionality of their app. There’s a detailed guide of the widgets and other types of code available within the software with examples to study.

App Furnace

Apps can be created using a wide variety of drag and drop widgets or for older or more advanced students, the use of JavaScript allows more complex apps to be written. Before students export their Apps to their device to run using the free AppFurnace Player, a moderation tool allows you to be confident that the content is suitable.

AppFurnace runs in a browser on both PC and Mac. I had it running fine in Chrome but it doesn’t seem to like Firefox.

AppFurnace will be available on a subscription basis for primary and secondary schools, with licenses starting at £99 per year. The software will be on display at the BETT Show in January if you want to take a look. For more information and to request a trial, visit the App Furnace website here.