At the BETT show Promethean officially released the Beta version of ClassFlow. Like SMART Amp this is a cloud-based classroom presentation and management tool that enables teachers to create lessons, deliver interactive content across multiple devices and assess student understanding. I had a quick demo of ClassFlow on the Promethean stand, and liked what I saw!

Using ClassFlow, teachers can build and access interactive lesson plans from most web browsers. This reduces the reliance on having special software (ActivInspire) installed on the computers the teacher wants to use. It also works on different whiteboard brands – very useful in schools with a mix of Promethean and Smartboards for example. Would be good if you’ve bought an Interactive Projector and are looking for something to replace the basic software they usually come bundled with.

The lesson builder side of things is a much simpler version of the IWB software we’ve got used to. There’s pen, text and shapes plus items can be dragged and dropped. HTML content can also be embedded to give more functionality. It’s very “cut-down” when compared to what ActivInspire can do but for some teachers this simpler approach may be less overwhelming.

In addition, ClassFlow allows students to connect to the content using mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. This can include polling as quizzes via the student devices. This removes the need for separate clicker devices such as ActivResponse, although they can still be used apparently.

The Beta release of ClassFlow is designed for classroom teacher use. ClassFlow supports popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive for interactive lesson plan storage. Images and content can be added from any of these storage sites. There’s also an online resource library built into ClassFlow so you can choose from Promethean-created content.

Bett 2014

In essence, the software allows the teacher to:

  • Deliver, create and easily organize lessons from a web browser.
  • Develop lessons by seamlessly incorporating a wide variety of teaching resources and formats–video, PowerPoint, documents, webpages, new content and more.
  • Collaborate with a community of teachers by sharing lessons online.


In addition, to ClassFlow software, Promethean has also made available a ClassFlow Student application which allows the student to receive and annotate lesson material on mobile learning devices, respond to questions, create original material and send their work to the teacher. Using the ClassFlow Student application, individual students are able to capture and send digital pictures from their mobile device to the front of class display. This app can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play Store

ClassFlow will be come as both a free and a subscription service when fully released. You can sign up for free beta access to ClassFlow and test it out at


Update 28/1/14 : Amended price of Classflow. Original version said there would only be a subscription version.