Google Images has always been a great place to find images, but it does cause problems since they may well be covered by copyright rules. You have been able to search for Creative Commons, and copyright-free, images using Google Images but the feature has been a little hidden.

Thankfully, Google have now updated the search tools to make it a little easier to filter by the Usage Rights, and find images you are allowed to reuse and copy.

To use this tool, first perform a Google Image search as normal.

On the page with the search results, click on Search Tools.


This should pop up a new row of options. Including colour, type etc. Click on Usage Rights to filter for images that you can reused, can reuse for commercial use and for reuse with modification.


With the filter applied, all the images presented should (hopefully) be available to reuse in student work without breaching copyright rules. Click on any thumbnail to see the image and visit the original source. It’s always good to double check, as well as to copy the original URL for attribution.

If you have never played with the other Google Search tools, they are very handy. Especially if you are looking for clip art or line art (filter by type). You can even filter by colour.

So selecting colour, and then pink will return photographs where pink is the main colour. It’s very handy if children are making mood boards etc.



For more on finding creative commons images, check out another of my blog posts.

Got any other search tips? Share them in the comments below!