ProWise Presenter is another piece of cloud-based software that allows the classroom interactive whiteboard to connect to the student tablets or laptops. Using it teachers can create presentations that allow student participation via the Proconnect app.

Using the ProWise Presenter, teachers can create and share an online presentation with the students. This can include annotations, text and images. It works in the same way as most of the software you would expect for an interactive whiteboard. This presentation can then be shared with the students who can view it on their devices and have the facility to add their own annotations and send it back to the teacher.

prowise-appsUsing the presenter, the teacher can also ask students to vote on the answer to quizzes as well as gather opinions to be collected on a word cloud. There are lots of other subject-focused apps that can be included in a presentation for the children to interact with. A collaborative mind-mapping tool is also on the way.

Students access via the ProConnect app on their iPads or Android tablets and they can also connect via on laptops or their browsers. This wasn’t immediately easy to find. Hopefully this will go onto the website soon, I understand an English manual is currently being written. The language of the Presenter does default to Dutch, so do remember to go into your profile and set the language to English if you need to.

I found it reasonably easy to get the hang of the Presenter software, and had my iPad and a laptop connected pretty quickly. The teacher chooses a unique codename for the room and gives this to the students. They then access via the app or the website, enter their name and this codename and they’re in. Access is via the internet, rather than having to connect directly to the teachers computer via the network, which makes life a lot easier.


A ProWise Presenter licence is free, with a more advanced Pro Licence costing £25 a year per user. This pro version allows for unlimited lessons to be saved and shared amongst the whole school. The ProConnect apps for the students to use can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Android Store.

It’s a very interesting addition to a market that’s expanding rapidly with tools such as SmartAmp and Promethean ClassFlow appearing at BETT as well as more dedicated free response tools such as Socrative. It’s well worth setting up a free account and taking a look.

You can find out more about ProWise here :