Pixiclip is an online whiteboard that lets you record your annotations as you make them, along with your voice and even webcam footage. If you’ve used iPad apps like Explain Everything then you’ll get the idea of how this works.

The number of tools are limited, but enough to do basic drawings to illustrate simple concepts. You can also upload images in advance then add them to the canvas while you talk.



Drawing with the mouse is tricky – but this would work very well on an interactive whiteboard where you can write with a pen properly  – but you might need to position the microphone so you can be heard!

Recordings can be shared via social media or embedded into a blog or a learning platform via an embed code. So here’s one I made earlier.

It’s free to sign up for an account and very simple to do so.

Teachers could use this to record short videos to explain different concepts that children can play back after the lesson for revision purposes. It could also be used for flipped classroom. Children could also use this to demonstrate what they have learned.

Take a look for yourself at http://www.pixiclip.com