Doceri is a free screencasting app for the iPad that when coupled to a large screen lets you use your iPad like an interactive whiteboard. Doceri lets you create presentations, add handwritten annotations, insert images from the camera roll and record screencast videos you can easily save or share.

There are several ways to connect Doceri to a large screen, if you already have an Apple TV in the classroom then you can connect your iPad to that via AirPlay. Other options are available, as explained here.

Doceri also has it’s own paid-for companion software that can run on your PC or Mac, known as Doceri Desktop. This allows you to connect the iPad to your computer and control the computer via the iPad. Through Doceri Desktop, you can access and control any program or file on your desktop as well as present anything from your iPad or computer.
Doceri lessons can be saved to your Camera Roll or shared via other apps on your iPad, so you can upload to your Web site, VLE or other platforms. Lesson can also be exported as PDF files. Share your video screencasts directly to YouTube from within the app.

It’s an interesting app, joining the many other good presentation apps out there like Explain Everything and Doodlecast. For many teachers, the iPad connected to a large screen or projector via Apple TV is now becoming a much more affordable system than an interactive whiteboard. I still don’t think it can replace one entirely, and my ideal system is still a multi-screen classroom with IWB and iPad.

Doceri for the iPad is a free download. Presentations display a watermark which can be removed with a £2.99 in-app purchase. Doceri Desktop costs $30 for a single seat licence but you can try it for a month for free. Multi-seat licence deals are available. You can download Doceri via the app store here.