View Pure is a great way to show YouTube clips in class without all the on-screen clutter and dodgy comments. I’ve written about ViewPure in the past, but the site has had a revamp and is worth another blog post!

Basically you go to ViewPure website, enter the URL of a YouTube video, or do a search, and it then displays the video on a class-friendly page without any of the on-screen clutter.

ViewPure removes all comments, ads, and related videos, allowing videos to be watched without distractions, or more likely, without “inappropriate content”.


It’s very simple to use and you can even drag a bookmarklet button to you the toolbar of your browser which will clean up any YouTube page you are viewing at the time.

You can use ViewPure to:

  • Remove inappropriate ads and comments from videos
  • Remove unwanted related videos at the end of a video
  • Create memorable URLs to a YouTube page to share with students
  • YouTube search with a cleaner UI and filtered results
  • Cleaner interface to view YouTube videos

To use ViewPure you will still need a YouTube connection at school, this is not a way around filtered content. If you can’t access YouTube in school, this will not work. Also, some videos do not allow embedding, so these will not work with ViewPure.

It’s a very useful tool for teachers as there’s often very little you can do about inappropriate content appearing around what would otherwise be a suitable video to use in class.

Take a look at: