The SAMR Model offers a structure for teachers to see how technology could impact upon the teaching and learning in their classroom.  It provides a framework for progression that adopters of educational technology follow as they progress through teaching and learning with technology.

SAMR was developed by Dr. Ruben Puetendura as a model for technology integration into the classroom.

The SAMR Model stands for:

  • S: Substitution.
  • A: Augmentation
  • M: Modification
  • R: Redefinition

As you move along the continuum, computer technology becomes more important in the classroom but at the same time becomes more invisibly woven into the demands of good teaching and learning.

SAMR can be summarised in this diagram:

SAMR Model

In the initial stages, the technology acts as a direct tool substitute. In the later stages the technology allows for transformative teaching, with the technology allowing for the creation of whole new tasks that would be impossible with the old tools.

This video provides a useful short guide to the SAMR model:

The SAMR model can allow teachers to consider the way that they are incorporating new technology into their lessons.

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