The Get Gas Safe website makes it easy for teachers to equip their pupils aged 9 to 11 with the information that they need to stay safe using engaging age-appropriate resources.

Every year carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions cause deaths and injuries which could be prevented if everybody followed a few simple safety precautions.

The programme is supported by Electrical Safety First and RoSPA.

The site contains an interactive house, free videos and lesson plans and activity sheets.

Interactive house: An interactive house activity which includes a spot the hazard challenge and a gas safety quiz.

Lesson plan and activity sheets: Free curriculum-linked lesson plan, activity sheets, parents’ leaflet and stickers.

Meet the Perils videos: Meet the Peril family and find out all about risk, hazards at home and gas safety with a set of free videos.

Get Gas Safe

This would be a useful site for KS2 teachers covering this important aspect of PSHE.

The site is free to access, but you will need to register for an account to see the resources.

Take a look for yourself at