Google’s CS First website provides free, easy-to-use computer science and coding enrichment materials and resources for teachers to use with their students.

Each CS First club is based on a real-world theme and offers about 10 hours worth of lessons and activities. The different club themes aim to attract and engage students of varying backgrounds and interests. All materials are targeted at students in KS2-KS3 (4th – 8th grade) and are free and easy to use.


Lesson plans include Music & Sound (create a music video and build an interactive music display), Fashion & Design (build fashion-themed apps), Storytelling (create interactive stories), Game Design (code a game), and so on.

All of the materials (videos, programming in Scratch, and lesson plans) are freely available online, so parents and teachers can check out the lessons and maybe even start their own code club!

Find out more on the CS First website: