The Everything Machine is a rather cool maker app that allows children to create simple instructions to hack the sensors in your iPad to create something much more fun.

Using the simple visual programming language it’s possible to combine your device’s camera, microphone, speakers, gyroscope, and screen to make a light, a stop-motion camera, a kaleidoscope, a voice disguiser, a cookie thief catcher, or anything else you can think of!

More than one iPad (or iPod Touch) can be connected – so you can play with friends.  Connect your devices to play a prank or talk in secret codes. Add logic gates and routers to build more complex machines.

Simple components can be dragged onto the screen. Tutorial videos pop up in the corner of the screen if needed to provide help.


There are plenty of inputs and controls that can be linked together such as the camera or microphone.The camera can be used as a light detector, colour detector or even a face detector. Sound and motion can also be detected.

The app allows multiple devices to be connected, and can even send outputs to an Apple watch!


For example the code below uses the camera as a light sensor, and switches on the on-screen fan when it detects light.


The app also includes logic gates such as NAND and NOR gates to allow for more complex circuits to be built that rely on several inputs.


There’s a comprehensive manual and tutorial videos to help get started. It’s very quick to get started, but you’ll need to follow the guides to get the most out of it.

It’s a really interesting app with a lot of potential. I like the fact that it uses the sensors already built into your iPad and allows them to be used in creative ways.  If you teach coding and computing then you really do need to take a look at this app!

Sadly it’s not a free app. But it’s not too expensive. The Everything Machine app costs £2.49 and can be downloaded here.

Thanks to Mark Anderson (ICTEvangelist) for making me aware of the app with this blog post.