The HUE HD Pro is a great value classroom camera and visualiser rolled into one. It’s the big brother of the Hue USB camera I reviewed the other week. The camera can view a full A4 page and project it onto your interactive whiteboard via your PC and projector.

The camera has a solid base and a flexible arm. You can remove it from the base plug the arm directly into a USB port on your laptop if you wish.

Hue Intuition Camera

The HUE HD Pro camera comes bundled with HUE Intuition software, which allows you to use it as a document camera/visualiser.

The Intuition software can be viewed full-screen and the tools can be hidden to make the image as large as possible to be viewed clearly on your whiteboard. Unlike more expensive visualisers, there’s no automatic zoom, but it’s easy to move the camera nearer to the paper and refocus!


The software also allows you to:

  • Record video and sound and save movies for later playback and review.
  • Annotate images and save as JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF files.
  • Take snapshots
  • Take multiple images over time

The quality of the camera image is very good and the built-in light in the head helps illuminate the image.

There are many ways that you can use the HUE HD Pro camera in the classroom, these include:

  • Demonstrating a science experiment to a whole class. Prevents crowding around a table. Great for dissections!
  • Sharing good examples of children’s work / taking snapshots as evidence
  • Recording a technique or experiment and replaying it to the class
  • Stop motion animation
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Chatting with remote schools in other countries with software such as Skype
  • Modelling examination techniques – quickly display an exam paper on the screen and “annotate” with a pen!

It may not have all the features of an expensive visualiser, but many teachers will find it powerful enough for their needs. The pro camera retails for about £54 inc VAT.

You can get more information about the Hue HD Pro camera here.

Disclosure : Hue HD sent me an animation pack free of charge to review. They did not pay for this article.